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We Are Not Patient Centric,
We Are Human Centric.

Healp harnesses the power of community, to get health answers that medical world has never been able to solve.

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Why We Founded Healp 





At the Pharmacy

Have you ever had a health question that the medical world couldn't help with? 

You're not alone. Many of us have been there, and we understand how frustrating it can be when this happens.

We built Healp to bridge the gap between people with chronic illnesses, the medical community and partners.


There is a lot of uncertainty and lack of answers around many of our conditions, so we created a powerful platform to help you get the answers and support your seeking. 

We connect you to our community of people who have similar experiences, as well as vetted partners who can help you take away the uncertainty of your diagnosis.

Chronic illness affects 1 in 3 adults.


Because there is no cure for most conditions, those who live with a chronic illness face uncertainty, loneliness and isolation--but by harnessing the power of community, we can get health answers that doctors have never been able to solve.


Healp was founded to give people with chronic illnesses a place to share their experiences, learn from one another and receive encouragement from partners who are vested in supporting their journeys.

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Chronic Conditions in the World 


Only 40% of Chronic Conditions Have  Extensive Research and Treatments 

1 in 3

Yet 1 in 3 Adults Have A Chronic Illness 

Join the Healp Family!  

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