We are not Patient Centric,
We are Human Centric.

Doctors don't try what they prescribe, it's time to have your voice part of the conversation 

Why We Founded Healp 





At the Pharmacy

Have you ever had a headache and went to the local drug store to buy an over the counter drug, and found yourself looking through dozens of drugs?


Which ones actually work? Which one is good for my headache and which one is good for my cramps?


The solution to this problem does not exist, yet billions of people have tried all kinds of drugs and treatments. 


We founded Healp to get you that answer 

Have you ever had a health question that you just couldn’t answer?


Personally, we have asked ourselves many questions that we couldn’t seem to find the right answer for. Maybe it was one small thing that we just wanted to know more about or it could have been something bigger. Either way, we would try to search it on Google and/or Amazon because I trust those sources. But, their results never seemed to be helpful enough because there were so many possible answers.


The first couple of results were okay, but after reading them, we still felt like my question wasn’t answered. This is why we founded Healp. 


We wanted to connect you to real people who could share their personal experiences and really help you get closer to what works. 

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