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How Healp Works 

On the one hand, we're a social network that connects you to friends with similar health experiences. On the other hand, we're also a platform you can use to discover reviews on treatments, doctors and more

Connect One-to-One 

We make it easy to meet someone  who understands your health condition. ​

If you have the same condition as someone else, on Healp, you can find someone who’s been there before and talk to them about their experience or you could support one another in the same stage. 

You can talk about what treatments were like, what doctors helped, how life has adjusted with a medical condition and more.

Share What Works 

You have taken all kinds of drugs, treatments and remedies. Where can you share your experience? 

Some treatments have short and long-term effects, and some drugs were the game changer to your health and well-being. 

​Anyone who has used a particular drug, treatment or remedy can tell you how the it affected them. 

We understand that you have a voice, and we’re here to help you get heard.

This is your platform where you can share your experiences about what worked. 

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Discover What Works  

Searching the web is a lot of work. Instead, you can ask people directly which things they have tried and what works for people with similar conditions to yourself. This saves time and lets you focus on the things that actually help you.

Find out what types of treatments and health solutions other people recommend through Healp. 

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Make Empowered Choices

Searching the web and only finding articles from doctors and researchers can only give you one part of the story, but being able to connect with someone who can tell you about their health can be the game changer.

By being a part of this community, you're not just choosing to find answers online, you're also getting the help from people who have been there and lived through what you're going through. Instead of searching for hours on the web or reading medical journals to find that one tiny bit of information you need, you'll have a network to ask questions fast and with that,  empower you to make better choices for you and your health.

Join The Healp Family

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