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Join Us In Empowering The Patient Voice.

Are you an organization or business that supports patients?

Make a difference as a Healp Partner!

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Do You Serve Patients?

Do you have a product or service that could help patients with chronic conditions?

We invite you to be a partner on Healp. 


 We are partnering with NGOs, health groups, advocacy groups, researchers and other partners who support the patient journey.

Serving Patients?

 Reach More Patients! 

Healp created a platform that connects patients to other patients and partners.

As a Partner, you have access to our network of patients and can share your resources and services with them.


Your organization can connect with targeted patient communities on Healp.

Reach More Patients

 Partner With Organizations!

As a Partner, you'll be able to connect with other organizations from around the world making a difference in patient lives.

Collaborate More!

Exclusive Opportunity 

Our partners have been carefully selected, and we only accept those who share our dedication to supporting the Healp patient community.

Exclusive Opportunity
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